Folder structure for codeigniter

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1. In system folder all the system configurations libraries are placed
2. System -> core folder all the core libraries are placed (like benchmark, Hook, input, output, security, router etc)
3. System -> database data base library files (like db cache, db result, db utility) and it’s Support drivers
It supports the below 10 types of data bases
Cubrid , mssql, mysql, mysqli, oci8, odbc, pdo, postgre, sqlite, sqlsrv
4. System -> fonts system new fonts folder
5. System -> helpers predefined user useful plug-ins (like captcha, cookie, date, language, string, test, xml etc)
6. System -> language language library
7. System -> libraries Predefined library files (like image upload lib, email, form validation, pagination, user agent, sessions etc)
8. Application -> cache site cache folder
9. Application -> config site configuration (like database, autoload, route, hooks, user agent etc)
10. Application -> controller user defined controllers
11. Applications -> core user defined cord library
12. Applications -> error s error message files (for database error, 404, general, php level error)
13. Applications -> helpers user defined errors
14. Applications -> hooks user defined hooks
15. Applications -> language user defined language files
16. Applications -> libraries user defined libraries
17. Applications -> logs user error logs stored folder
18. Applications -> models user defined modules
19. Applications -> third_party user defined third party plug-in (like pdf pligin)
20. Applications -> views user defined view files

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