How to configure Codeigniter framework

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1. Download latest version from codeigniter home site
( )
2. Unzip download codeigniter framework
3. Copy and past the unzip folder into your localhost (C:\wamp\www\codeigniter for wamp C:\xampp\htdocs\codeigniter for xampp) project folder name codeigniter.
4. Basic folder stricter
a. application (Main user define and third party library functions folder)
b. system (system define and basic library file folder)
c. user_guide (static user reference content)
d. index.php
e. license.txt
5. Open Config.php file under codeIgniter -> application -> config
$config[‘base_url’] = ”; to $config[‘base_url’] = ‘ http://localhost/codeigniter ‘;
6. Open browser and execute the below link
7. Then you got the below out put

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