index.php basic structer in codeigniter

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1. First it execute default file index.php in rout folder
In index.php first define the application environment (development, testing, and production)
a. Development level mean it display all type of errors
b. Testing and production level mean id not to display any errors in the browser
2. Configure system path and application path
a. Under system folder all the default configurations and libraries and helps files are placed
b. Under application folder all the user defined configurations and controllers and models and views and library files are placed
3. Routing configuration (its options)
User can configure for default directory, controller and function this routing will routes under the application -> controller folder
4. Custom config values
User can config his default values if it’s existed in confige.php file then it’s overloaded
5. Checking for the application and system folders are placed properly or not
6. Include Codeigniter.php main file under the core folder.
It check the php version functional features (like set_magic_quotes_runtime is support or not, folder access permeations etc) and it loads all the core libraries and constants.

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