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Snakes may lack arms and legs, but their supple bodies squeeze through naarrow openings and slither —a motion that depends on the combination of a flexible spinal column,strong muscles, and specialized scales on their undersides called scutes.


Adult humans have 26 vertebrae in their spines; a snake may have more than 400.each pair of ribs is attached to a vertebrae.overlapping scutes on the snake`s belly attach by muscles to animals ribs.

when the snake is moving ,the back edges of the scutes catch and hold the ground as the muscles pull the snake forward.snakes Move according to the terrain they travel through.Sidewinding snakes in sandyy habitats have ways to keep from slipping. The snake swings its head and upper body forward and sideways.Its lower  body and tail follow,with the belly raised above the hot sand,leaving a j-shaped pattern in sand.

Some snakes climb do that ,a snake coils up like an accordion,anchors with its tail,then strtches its head forward,gathering momentum,so the rest of the body catches up.



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